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Please Support the Team Trip to the Elite 8 in South Carolina

Posted Saturday May 11, 2019

The Buffalo Rugby Club will take on Mid Atlantic D2 powerhouse Doylestown Dragons in Spartansburg South Carolina next weekend. The game is being streamed on the subscription service, FLO Rugby May 18 at 1:30 PM.

This will be a costly venture. The days of the cheap team bus are over and airfares are in the $600 range. To keep expenses down the team will rent 3 vans and leave Thursday evening, drive 5.5 hours, stay overnight, then drive another 5.5 hours to Spartansburg. The days of the $100 hotels are over also, and the trip requires another 2 overnight stays at the venue.

The current team is doing everything it can to keep the per player costs down. Many will be missing work Thursday (and maybe Monday!).

The goal of the alumni is to raise at least $3000 to reduce travel expenses. Please make a donation at Support the Team. We will make sure, through social media and email, that the players know you have helped out.

Stay tuned for details of the a watch party Saturday May 18, at KO's Restaurant. The Buffalo women are also in the elite 8 and are playing at 11:30 am.

Again please help us raise $3000 by making a donation at Support the Team.

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