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There's a Lot of New Old Stuff on the Website!

Posted Saturday January 12, 2019

A lot of work has been done recently by Lex Maccubbin to get more of the history of the Buffalo Rugby Club out of the attics and closets and onto the website where it can see by all of you.

The extent of photos, vidoes, game and player stats was previously unmatched in USA Rugby. Now, over 150 more games from before 2004 and as early as 1968 have be added to the records on the Buffalo Rugby Club Website. The results are 100% complete for some of those years. Games

Many previously unposted photos from the 90's  Photos

Along with scans of newly discovered newsletters, newspaper articles, correspondence and programs Archive

You can search for your name in the website Search

And the coolest of all - you can see your personal game history. Take a look Games

Schedule a few hours in front of your computer and explore the website. It's a real trip done memory lane.

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