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Habitat for Humanity - Buffalo Rugby Volunteer Day - Again

Posted Friday February 15, 2019

Join us Saturday March 2 at 9am
Things got messed us up last month but Habitat promises to bring their best game this Saturday. They've sending their first team management and providing two dumpsters.

Who: Any member of the Buffalo Rugby Club or friend or girl friend or wife, young or old, active or alumni. Young sons and daughters (think community service requirement)

What: Tear out the insides of a house and load it into dumpsters. Then eat hamburgers and drink beer.

When:  Saturday March 2, 9 AM to 1 PM or when the dumpsters are filled

Where: A Habitat for Humanity rehab house, 152 Sprenger St ( https://goo.gl/maps/UkwrZfEiFt92 )

If you signed up for the February 2 date you're good, if not, just show up.

We've been doing this for 7 years, (see buffalorugby.org/community-service ) and have the reputation of tearing out with ruthless efficiency.


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