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Buffalo Rugby Annual General Meeting

Posted Thursday November 15, 2018

Buffalo Rugby Annual General Meeting

  • Location: Brawlers Deli (76 Pearl St Buffalo NY 14202) (View Map) 

    AGM agenda

    1.  President’s Report (Jeff Qualey)

    2. Treasurer’s Report ( Andy Phillips)

    3.  Youth Rugby update (Matt Sutton)

    4. Season Report (Jon Garbin/ Steve Carauna)

    5. Match Secretary Report (Mackenzie Doolittle)

    a. Spring Trip 2/23

    b. Practice Schedule 

    c. Match Schedule 

    6. Awards Banquet 

    - 2/2 Webb building 

    - Dinner only $30 

    - Open Bar $55

     - Wall of Fame Inductees

    -Gene Adams

    -Jerry Hann

    7. Thank you to our sponsors

    8. Alumni support update (Ron Astridge)

    9. Boards of Directors report (Paul Vallone)

    10.Election of Board of Directors  

    11. Election of Officers 

    a. President 

    b. Vice President 

    c. Vice President of Finance

    d. Treasure 

    e. Secretary 

    f. Match Secretary 

    g. Social Chairman

    12. Other business 

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