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The Dedication of the Frank Holden Memorial Park Bench

Posted Wednesday September 26, 2018

Buffalo Rugby Club players, friends of Frank Holden and his Family watch as the memorial park bench is unveiled by Tom Surwill. The ceremony took place September 22 between the first and second side matches in Delaware Park.

Frank Holden Memorial

The commemorative plaque presented to the Holden family by President Jeff Qualey

The bench at the midfield, paid for by the Holden family, the Buffalo Rugby Club
and the Buffalo Rugby Club Alumni.
The inscription reads, "This bench is dedicated to the memory of Frank Holden
and those who played with him here. The Holden Family and the Buffalo Rugby Club"
Mary Pat Holden and the three of the Holden boys with friends

================== Email from Mary Pat Holden to Tom Surwill ==================

What a beauty the bench and setting is! It's not until a structure is  built that one can appreciate the effort it took to accomplish it. So often ideas go no further than words. It is the time taken, the obstacles confronted  and final product that are the expression  of the feelings of those involved. A ship can only have one captain so pride yourself in reaching your goal. What a thrill for all of us to see you having established a tradition as well! I was told that it was after seeing the benches at the  Caldy Rugby Club in the photos Frank's family had sent that the group, after much time and ideas, crystallized its' plans to do likewise. Frank wouldn't have chosen to be the first to be honored but he'll come to enjoy it as he sees it admired and used. You and the others honored Frank further by dedicating it to him. It is time not words than can convey the appreciation for all you did for Frank and our family throughout your friendship. You gave harmony to Frank's personality, a balance that the boys couldn't help but notice and embrace.

There will be many people passing by, looking at or using the bench without worry of wear or permanence. You have anchored the past to the future, a feat that will enable our offspring to connect with it in a setting that is full of people and activity; perfect in bringing memories and joy to all. You be sure to brag to your offfspring the part you played so that it provides a connection to your youth and friends,  something that they will grasp. We are going to include it in our family traditions at  Christmas time before we share with your family the memories and joy that friendships bring. There will be many other times to use the bench for it's there whenever needed.
Again, many thanks for making it a reality  and giving it permanence. 
Love, Mary Pat

Mrs Holden speaking to the assembled group

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