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Annual General Meeting Report

Posted Monday December 18, 2017

December 14th 2017 Buffalo Rugby Club held its Annual General Meeting. The club leader reviewed the last year and finished the evening with elections.

Jeff Qualey, club president, reviewed some of the goals set out by the executive committee that have been accomplished over the past year.                 

         - Growth of membership currently 60 players registered to heading into the spring
         - Increase of new members (16 new players have joined BRC in the last 8 months)
         - Growing the game at a youth level. (over 100 kids played rugby this past year through our flag programs)
         - Establish two nationally competitive sides (D2&D3 head into the spring playoff)

Andrew Phillips club treasurer reviewed the clubs current finances and expected spring budgeted costs.

Matt Sutton newly appointed Director of Youth Rugby reviewed the last year of progress made in Buffalo Rugby’s youth initiative. Over the past year Buffalo Rugby’s Youth program has run free clinics at Machnica community center and West Side Community Center. Followed by sessions at Nardin athletic complex and Delaware Park. Lex Maccubbin, Rick Weiss, Cam Smith, Hugh Davis, Jack Schweigel, Ron Astridge and Jim Coleman  All have been heavily involved in the program.

Jon Garbin and Lex Maccubbin reviewed the spring schedule and winter training plans. Key dates indoor skills training beginning Jan 7th at Nardin. Spring Trip to Norfolk VA for 2 matches March 9,10 and 11th. First playoff matches set for April 14th.

Paul Vallone and Ron Astridge updated the club of the board of directors and the alumni fund.

Finally the club voted on the 7 executive committee positions.

Jeff Qualey -President
Matt Schuster -  Vice President
Scott Chown - Vice President of Finance
Andrew Phillips - Treasurer
Jon Garbin - Secretary
Mackenzie Doolittle - Match Secretary
Mike Lang - Social Chairmen

If anyone that could not attend the meeting has any questions regarding any of the clubs current business please feel free to reach out to Jeff Qualey

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