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The New East Lake Erie Hawaiians End Successful Season

Posted Monday July 31, 2017

The New East Lake Erie Hawaiians End Successful Season

After 37 years the East Lake Erie Hawaiians are winners again. First entered as a novelty team in the sevens tournament accompanying the USA v Canada International in Saranac Lake in 1980, the ELEH team defeated Monmouth in one of the first remote broadcast by the fledgeling ESPN network.

The Originals in 1980

Lack of competition in the upstate division of the Empire Summer Sevens Series forced Buffalo to compete in the  downstate division this summer. This came at a high cost of time and money. Each downstate tourney involved an 800 mile round trip and an overnight stay.But you do what you have to do.

The season

Monmouth Tourney, Monmouth NJ - Pool play ended in a three way tie and Buffalo lost out on points differential, forcing them into the non-championship bracket which they won, taking 5th place points.

Tri State Tourney, Danbury CT-  Lost to home team Danbury in the final

Hell's Gate Tourney, Randall's Island NYC - Lost to NYAC in the final

Blazing Sevens Tourney, Morris NJ - Defeated home team Morris in a repeat of last summer's final to become the 2017 Empire GU Sevens Champions

In addition, Buffalo placed a second side in the Syracuse Salt City Sevens and the Buffalo Sevens, taking second place in both those tournaments.

Mileage to 4 Co-Attended Tournaments
Team Miles
Morris 195
New Haven 240
Danbury 270
Monmouth 245
Brooklyn 195
Buffalo 1570


The New Hawaiians in 2017

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