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Buffalo A 15 White Plains 29
Buffalo B 48 Rochester Colonials 29
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Wed Dec 31
Thursday December 5, 2019
Annual General Meeting

Coles Third Floor 7:00 PM Thursday December 5

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Saturday November 2, 2019
Back on the Winning Track

Semi-final over Fairfield and a Challenge match in over the Colonials

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Saturday October 26, 2019
No Place Like Home

BRC D2 side returned to Delaware Park to take on the Fairfield Yankees

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Saturday October 19, 2019
D3 over Kenton Misfits D2 tie at Montclair, NJ

D2 in the Playoffs - D3 misses by 0.3 bonus points

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Saturday October 12, 2019
Road Trip Blues

Losses in Syracuse and New York City

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Saturday September 21, 2019
Weekends Sept 14, 21 Three from Four

D2 over White Plains and New Haven D3 over Creamers and loss at Aardvarks

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Tuesday March 12, 2019
The 2019 Fundraising goal of 80 contributors and $8000 has been achieved !

82 contributors have given $10,342 since February

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Sunday October 23, 2016
New York State Rugby Conference Archive Published

Scores, league standings and championships for mens club, college men, college women and youth from 1995 to 2011

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