Youth Flag Rugby Registration

Registering is an expression of interest in being informed
of the club activities and does not imply any commitment financially or otherwise.

The Buffalo Rugby Club will not sell, rent, barter, give, or use in
any way, shape or form, email addresses that we maintain, to anyone, for any reason.


I, the parent or guardian of the player named above, do hereby give my permission in my absence for any necessary emergency medical treatment to be administered by a licensed physician. I also give my approval for his/her participation in all Buffalo Rugby Club activities and assume all such risks and hazards incidental to participation. I absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Buffalo Rugby Club and its programs, sponsors, coaches and other participant’s from all such risks and hazards.

I hereby grant Buffalo Rugby Club, or its assignees, permission to use my child's image for educational, promotional, fundraising and general public relations purposes.