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Make a donation to the BRC Alumni Fund One of Two Ways

First Choice - Send a check written to Buffalo Rugby Club by US Mail to:

Buffalo Rugby Alumni
35 Brantford Place
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Second Choice - Use your credit card or Paypal account

The 2019 Fundraiser Goal is $8000 by 100 Contributors


The Need

We need a committed active playing membership of about 50 to be successful. The Club is actively welcoming players from local colleges, from the local high school programs as well as walk-ons. Most of the new recruits are younger, seeking jobs or under-employed. Paying the $300 annual dues and travel expenses to away games is a difficult prospect for many of the kids.

Over the last two years the Alumni Scholarship Program has helped about 8 players per year with the expenses of playing top level rugby. Under-employed and unemployed players were invited to sign contracts which promise they will pay half their annual dues up front, work as needed at club functions and attend practices regularly. At the end of the season, if the conditions are met the club submits a bill to the alumni fund for amount of the second dues installment and a percentage of the travel expenses (van rental, room, gas, etc). Approximately $6000 alumni dollars have be spent supporting this Program over the last three years.

Buffalo Rugby Club Old Boys Alumni Fund
The Buffalo Rugby Club is a Tax Exempt 501c3 Organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.

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    Top 20 Contributors Since 2012

    Ross Franz$3420
    Finn Tom$3166
    Patel Kamil$2780
    Holden Alistair$2650
    Penman Dean$2297
    Maccubbin Lex$2038
    Giles Pat$2030
    Surwill Tom$1812
    Dunnigan Jim$1800
    Mosey Chuck$1740
    Qualey Jeff$1718
    Astridge Ron$1688
    Caruana Steve$1650
    Szkotak Matt$1648
    Lee Terry$1497
    Schuster Matt$1440
    Bargnes Oscar$1300
    Patel Dannish$1220
    Kusmierski Nick$1152
    Baldwin John$1125