The destination for competitive rugby players in upstate New York since 1966
Youth Rugby

The Buffalo Rugby Club is for those 18 and older but there is plenty of opportunity to learn and play with these clubs.

Non-contact Under 15

See Rookie Rugby

Contact 15 and older. Most of these teams are community based so no worry about which school you attend.

Canisius HS High School Boys Craig Hinchcliffe 716-982-3182
City Honors HS High School Boys John McTigue 716-824-5495
Grand Island High School Boys Daniel Hager 716-397-5986
Hamburg High School Boys Thomas Eichler 716-984-8342
Kenmore High School Boys William Conrad 716-435-7874
Orchard Park High School Boys Lisa Henrich 716.213.7903
City Honors HS High School Girls John McTigue 716-824-5495
East Aurora High School Girls Rob Mercurio 716-867-2693
Hamburg High School Girls Tim Anderson 716-515-8226
Kenmore Girls Rugby High School Girls Jerry Hann
Orchard Park High School Girls Lisa Henrich 716.213.7903
West Seneca Saints High School Girls Glenn Nenoff 716-578-2028